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Our mission is to help you get rid of bed bugs quickly and inexpensively, without the help of costly exterminators.

Some people sleep badly merely because of bed bugs, though nearly all of them might not possibly know that they keep these annoying pestsin their home at all. Why? These insects are very miniscule, that till you witness them crawling on your skin, you would think you have been bitten by a different type of tick. And though they are not considered to be pests that can infect humans with diseases, you should not just disregard them because not only will they make you lose precious hours of sleep, but can also make you lose a lot of money.

What exactly are bed bugs?

A Bed bug is a type of bug that survives by feeding on the blood of its prey, which are usually human beings. It is very small, with flat, oval shaped-abdomen. It is nocturnal, which means that it comes out at night to feed, when people in the house are undoubtedly in their beds sleeping. Because of the small size of the bed bugs, they can conceal themselves at any location, even in tiny cracks or openings so looking for on at daytime would be extra hard. These insects are called bed bugs because their desired feeding grounds is the bedroom or other areas that people choose to sleep.

Symptoms of bed bug invasions

As described above, bed bugs are hard to notice. They are very miniscule, so it would not be easy to catch them in and around the residence. However, even if you don’t spot them, that does not mean your house is free from bed bugs. Bed bugs are creatures that feed on blood, so suspicious skin bite marks which are usually red and itchy could be a sign that you have been victimized by these bugs. But, not everyone has similar response when bitten by bed bugs. Some show rashes, while some have clear swelling on the surface of their skin. And there are those who don’t even have reactions to bed bugs at all.

Skin rashes, and itchy red marks on the skin are not very reliable indications of bedbug infestation because bite marks by different insects also have the same characteristics. That is why to be clearly sure that your dwelling place is infested by bed bugs you should also look for various other signs, such as:

Blood or rusty stains on your bed sheets, which take place when an well-fed bed bug is smashed.

Dark spots on bedding, which are in fact wastes of bed bugs.

Cast skin of bed bugs; these pests shed their skins each time they grow in size as a consequence of molting.

Getting rid of bed bugs

If you suspect that your house contains a lot of bed bugs, take action right away. Bed bugs reproduce exponentially for short period of time. Unless you take steps to clean your house of their presence, they will just increase in numbers. What can you do? Of course, you can always get the services of professional exterminators. However, their services are not cheap. If you have limited resources though, you may want to know how to get rid of bed bugs yourself.

The first step is to clean your house systematically. Because bed bugs remain on areas where humans take a rest to sleep, you have to pay extra attention when attempting to clean the bedrooms. To clean the bedding or any cloth that is infected by bed bugs, use hot water. Also, scrub the mattresses prior to using the vacuum to make sure that destroyed all the bed bugs and their eggs. After cleaning the house using the vacuum cleaner put the wastes in the garbage can outside the house. You don’t like the bed bugs to come crawling back to your house, don’t you? Lastly, repair cracks in wood moldings, especially the tiny crevices in the bed frames where bed bugs could stay and hide. Make sure you close those small holes; otherwise you would not be able to get rid of these pests.

Preventing bed bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs is a lot of work. If you don’t want to manually do the cleaning, the only alternative is to hire professional exterminators, which means that you need a lot of money. In order to prevent the bed bugs from infecting your house, you must cultivate habits to prevent that from happening again.

Take care of your bed linens. Use clean sheets and wash used ones right away. Do not allow uncleaned bed sheets to just lie around. If you have extra money, you can also buy a mattress protector since it can protect your mattress from the pests. In addition, cleaning it is also easily done. It would also contribute a lot if you keep your room bright by opening the windows so light and air can freely flow in. Bed bugs hate light and fresh air.

Also, if you are the person who travels a lot, you have to be sure that you don’t carry bed bugs when you come back home. Check your luggage to ensure that they are free from any bed bugs.


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